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Why Intern at Katapult Makerspace?

Experience is the best teacher! Get real-world, professional experience at Katapult's leading OSP engineering firm or our Makerspace. Not only will this look great on your resume, it's also great networking if you're looking for a job after college. We are committed to investing in our interns both professionally and personally, and we believe that work should also be fun!

We offer internships to talented college students during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. You will gain great experience as you learn, grow, and network with our professional staff.

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What does an intern do?

It depends on the intern, and also if you're working at our engineering firm or the Makerspace. At the engineering firm, interns may be part of our Engineering Team (working with utility and telecom clients to deliver better data), our Software Development Team (creating innovative solutions for the industry's toughest challenges), or with our Marketing Team (supporting clients and fueling company growth). At the Makerspace, interns design, prototype, manufacture, and scale new products for Makebox, our STEM project kit for teens. Makerspace interns also learn how to use our high-tech machines, such as: our 3D printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, CNC router, soldering station, virtual reality, etc. We also have interns who are not engineers, because we also need help with marketing, finance, art, website design, community engagement, coding, robotics, and more!

Is there an age requirement to intern?

Most of our interns are in college, but we also have some who are still in high school. There is no age restriction, we hire based on your level of ability.

What are my hours?

Hours may vary. Our summer internship are more extensive (20-40 hours/week), while our fall and spring internships at Katapult Makerspace are less extensive (usually 6 hours/week). Fall and spring Makerspace interns usually work two 3 hour shifts per week on weekdays.

Will I be paid as an intern?

Yes. We believe in fair exchange, so our interns are compensated for their hard work.

Will I be working at the Makerspace or the engineering firm?

Either, or both! We offer summer internship at both the Makerspace and engineering firm, and we offer fall and spring internships at the Makerspace. Usually our interns work at one or the other, but sometimes they split time between both. If you intern at the engineering firm, you will still have access to the Makerspace for personal use.

Do I have to be an engineer or coder to intern?

No. Our company hires interns with a wide variety of skills. We are looking for high-caliber, talented people who fit our company culture. Most of our interns are engineers or programmers, but we also hire people with skills in construction, graphic design, website development, marketing, finance, accounting, physics, chemistry, math, community development, economics, journalism, fitness, digital media, education, and more!

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